See Reviews from Clients of Playing Fur Keeps Dog Training and why we get 5-stars across the board -


See what our clients have to say, and why we get top reviews across the board – as of September 2023, we have 62 reviews on Google and Facebook, and all of them are 5-stars!

Playing Fur Keeps Client Reviews, Jen and Archie -

“We adore Casey and our pup Archie adores her even more. We hired Casey to help us when we got Archie because we have a high energy house with 4 kids and we had never had a dog before so we had no idea what we were doing. Casey came to our house and helped train all 6 of us on how to train Archie. It was absolutely fabulous and it was great to empower the kids to be a part of the training. It helped to have us all on the same page as we integrated a dog into our family. Each week was a practical lesson with print outs so we could all learn together. Highly recommend Casey for all your puppy training needs! “ – Jen B.

Playing Fur Keeps Client Reviews, Madalyn and Mouse -

“Casey was wonderful to work with and our two dogs improved so much after completing her basic course. Mouse our little rescue dog was particularly fearful of strangers at the beginning of his training and was starting to resource guard. Casey gave our family the tools we needed to curb his resource guarding and give him some more confidence while teaching both of our dogs basic manners. Since completing the basic training course we have recommended her to multiple people looking to train their dogs.” – Madalyn R.

“We loved working with Casey. She is knowledgeable and provides a lot of clear information for homework/practice that we are still using with our dogs. We have a dog with severe anxiety due to trauma. Casey helped her come out of her shell and she is happier and more playful than ever. We’re so grateful we found Casey!” – Candis O.

“2 years after puppy training with Playing Fur Keeps, I realize that our boxer-bulldog Sophie wouldn’t be the great dog she is now if it weren’t for the most excellent training she received from Casey!!! We learned how to be better dog parents in general, and still use the training methods she taught us. The investment was well worth it and I recommend her to anyone who wants a well behaved dog!! “ – Jen L.

Playing Fur Keeps Client Reviews, Bella -

“Casey was amazing to work with! She is very knowledgeable and Bella loved working with her. We always had a lot going on in our home during our training and she never made us feel like it was a burden. Bella is a crazy girl but with the help from Casey Bella is now such a sweet and loving puppy.” – Taylor F.

Playing Fur Keeps Client Reviews, Alena -

“Not only did our pittie love Casey, but we did too! ???? She helped us to be able to walk our baby with ease, cut down on reactivity to other people and dogs, reduce jumping when new people arrive, and taught us many tricks including recall! We are forever grateful for these new skills we learned with her and can not recommend her enough! She’s amazing and you won’t regret working with her!” – Alena H.

“We absolutely recommend Playing Fur Keeps! We just finished the 6 week basic training with Casey, and had the best experience! We adopted our pup, Remi, from the shelter about two months ago, and she was very timid and didn’t know any basic commands. 6 weeks later and our beautiful girl has gained so much confidence, and is able to sit, stay, wait, down (working on it!), and all sorts of other necessary basic commands. Her confidence has soared since we started, and she loves spending Tuesday nights with the “chicken lady” aka Casey.” – Jennifer S.

“We absolutely loved working with Casey at Playing Fur Keeps…. We have been reaping the benefits of her expert guidance. We have 2 now almost 8 month old littermates and they would not be where they are today without her! They loved her and have responded to their training beautifully. Having 2 puppies at once is a huge undertaking but Casey was amazing at helping us work through any and every issue we had or were concerned about. It is immediately obvious upon meeting her that she is incredibly passionate about people and their pets and extremely knowledgeable and very professional. I cannot say enough good things about her. Every class was extremely informative and thorough. She is very down to earth and very flexible. You can tell in a second that she cares deeply about her clients. I couldn’t recommend her enough.” – Sarah Ann F.

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