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Get answers to frequently asked questions about our services and online education portal.

About the Services

When you purchase a 6-week dog or puppy training package, sessions will take place once a week, on the same day and time each week.

We’ll schedule them all at once so you can plan ahead.

While PFK does not put an exact time stamp on sessions, most sessions last 60 minutes on average. Sessions can vary up to 15 minutes, give or take.

Yes! I ask that all handlers be present at each session if possible. This includes everyone in the household who is responsible for caring for your pup on a daily basis. Consistency in training is key to success!

Each of our dog and puppy training packages are priced differently.

More information is available on the specific webpages.

Puppy Training – $275 plus mileage for basic, in-home training and $155 for the socialization extension

Dog Training – $250 plus mileage for basic and advanced in-home training; $125 for group classes; other options available, visit the dog training page for details

Personalized Sessions- $70

All in home services are subject to a mileage charge of .60/mile

Virtual session pricing is the same as in person, without the added mileage fees.

Online courses:

Online Basic Course:  $125

Online Puppy Course: $140

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Playing Fur Keeps services a 20-mile radius around downtown Grand Rapids. If travel is slightly over 20 miles, but still under 30 minutes travel time, exceptions can be made.

Yes, this helps me cover the cost of gas and travel time fairly. It is currently $0.60 per mile for in-home services, which is below the federal guidelines of $0.68/mile.

Yes! You can add a dog to any 6-week package for and additional $50. Save some money and invite a friend!

Playing Fur Keeps does not take on bite cases. These dogs require specialized behavior modification that we do not provide. In the case of active aggression, please seek the aid of a certified behaviorist or vet behaviorist.

“I highly recommend Playing Fur Keeps dog training! We had an exceptional experience. I was able not only to teach my dog all the basic commands, but also to work on problematic puppy behaviors.” – Andrea G.

“When my family and I adopted two puppies… we knew that they would need training and I instantly thought of Playing Fur Keeps. Our girls have received so many compliments out and about in regards to their behavior. “ – Jennifer E.

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